Adwords vs. Adwords Express

What is the difference between Adwords and Adwords Express?

If you don’t have a website then Adwords Express seems like the a great way to go. Websites are confusing, time consuming, and expensive to make, right? Wrong; they can be affordable and made quickly. Having an online presence is necessary. Adwords Express just may not be the best way to go about it.

Thinking twice about Adwords Express would be beneficial.The issue I have with Google Adwords is that Google does all the work for you. But wait, that sounds great right? Wrong again. Your online presence is not something to be lazy with, considering 85% of consumers search for businesses online, and this statistic is growing.

Regarding your online presence, whether it is a website, Pay Per Click, SEO, Social Media, or Pay Per Call, you get what you pay for. Adwords Express, yes, is cheaper than Adwords, but there are no keywords, and no placement choices to be made. Google decides what words match your business, ad places your ad accordingly. The only info you give them is the category your business fits in, a two line ad, and your budget.

Of course Adwords Express is cheaper; your ads will show up according to your budget. But how often will your ads even show up for people to click on it? My guess is not so much.

One upside, however is that Google localizes Adwords Express,, meaning that your ad will only show up for people looking in your area. Better for small, local businesses, maybe not if you are county wide, or state-wide etc.

Even with this one upside, the downfalls are too high in count. A huge downfall is the absence of negative keywords. Say you are a plumber and you are offering plumbing repairs, etc., someone could eb looking up plumbing school, or plumbing tips, and you would still show up due to the keyword: “plumbing”. These are not people you want seeing your ad, and especially not people you want clicking your ad. No negative keywords allow for a waste of time, and a waste of money. Adwords Express may be cheaper but is it cost effective, or a money pit?

You cannot bid higher on a specific device either. Everything is spread across the board evenly. But mobile bids are usually more expensive, so you probably aren’t going to be showing up on any mobile devices. Not good considering mobile users are growing every day. It is predicted that people will be searching on their phones more than they search on their desktops by 2014. That’s not very far away.

Go with the plunge of investing in a website for your business. A great software to utilize is WordPress, which is user friendly for easy edits, and extremely customizable. Then get yourself on Adwords and see your business grow!
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