Optimize Business This Summer Season

We recently signed an Adwords Campaign client interested in PPC for just the summer. This got me to thinking about how great and even more sensible it is to have month-to-month PPC contracts. Some businesses, like a swim lesson school, is a predominantly summer-focused business, but a business that still needs to optimize it’s time slot for getting as many as customer leads as possible!

Pay Per Click online marketing has become mandatory for businesses today for gaining customer leads. Online presence is critical and Pay Per Click offers immediate online presence that also converts immediately.

If you have a summer campaign or summer oriented business you need to promote; PPC is the way to go. This does not mean to say that SEO (search engine optimization) is any less powerful, or any less valuable than SEM (search engine marketing), just less immediate at producing valuable customer leads.

SEO is organic search; SEM is pay per click— something that happens organically is going to happen a lot less quickly than something you pay for; this is just a fact of our contemporary world. People searching online for what they want and need, as well as what they don’t even know they want or need, is also a fact of our contemporary world. The #1 determinant of traffic to your website comes from people’s online search. People search online all day, whether they need to fix their dishwasher, get their carpet cleaned, or need to learn how to swim.

One statistic I found absolutely fascinating was from Hubspot’s Pinterest: for high commercial keyword search clicks (people looking to buy), 64.6% of the clicks came from Pay per Click results, vs. 35.4% clicks from organic search results. On top of that, 75% of users do not scroll past the first page when searching for something (Hubspot Pinterest “Fun Facts” May 29, 2013). Users are looking more for what matches their search than if they are clicking on a paid ad or not. Or maybe they are just too lazy to even scroll down the page at all! Whatever the reasoning; people are just as likely, if not more likely, to click on a paid-for search result as an organic search result.

So get your PPC campaigns going this summer and see how you can improve last year’s profits! SB Search marketing offers a no contract month-to -month basis for PPC. Boom!


How Specific Should My Keywords Be?

Curious as to how specific/ detailed your keywords should be?

First note whether your you are an ecommerce business, or not. Ecommerce campaigns involve more trial and error than non-ecommerce campaigns. Testing out what works and doesn’t work is key.

Let the audience decide how specific to get.

A combination of broad and specific is ideal. Broad terms are bait for the majority of your audience; however one cannot shun the outliers. Throw some more specific bait out there as well– this bait might be what will be catching you the big fish. Some people know exactly what they want and some do not. It is best to cover all of your bases.
Add these keywords into your website’s meta tags, and alt tags and see some light SEO occur. Having some added organic search as well doesn’t hurt.

Put keywords and keyword phrases on trial and see what sticks with people via your Search Query Report!


Gallery Post #2

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Google Webinar Hosted at SBSM

Yesterday we had the honor of hosting a Google webinar presentation. The event had a great turnout of local business owners and PR/marketing representatives. Guests learnt about the necessity of an online presence and the emergence of a “Zero Moment of Truth”. The Zero Moment of Truth is Google’s naming for the technology disruption that happens when we make decisions. Contemporary society’s word-of-mouth is now online–when a product, service, etc. presents itself to us, we immediately look for coupons, reviews, and local info online. Small business’ grow 40% faster when utilizing the web–people’s online research has one of the highest memory recalls now. What our peers, and our search results say online makes a incredibly significant impact on what products and services we consume. Online search marketing is where consumer society is now. Please enjoy the link to the left of our Google presentation about the Zero Moment of Truth:


Pay Per Click Plumbing Services

Pay Per Click Campaigns for plumbers is easily one of the most competitive in the business, but we have specialized in this niche for years and are the best in the business. We also do Pay Per Call for plumbers, and we run some of the top performing campaigns across the country.

When someone in your area uses Google to look for any kind of plumbing repair, you can rest assured that if you are working with us, your business is one of the most likely places to get that lead.

How are we so good at what we do? What sets us apart from the rest?

  • We have years of experience running campaigns for plumbers all across America.
  • We are very good at identifying and capitalizing on keywords with commercial intent instead of generic research terms.
  • We use a combination of exact keyword matching (instead of broad match) along with city / zip codes to ensure all clicks have the highest likelihood of conversion.
  • Our negative keyword list is way longer than the norm (or any of our competitors), to make sure that not a single cent is wasted on an unnecessary click.
  • All our ads are split tested to ensure we get the highest CTR.
  • We do a manual review of your website to make sure it has the highest conversion rate (and fix it up if it doesn’t).

Call us to use our services please!


Pay Per Click Appliance Repair

At South Bay Search Marketing, one of our top specialties is Pay Per Click campaigns and Pay Per Call campaigns for appliance repair technicians. We have revitalized (and in some cases completely rescued) over 20 appliance repair companies across the country.

Due to our extensive experience with doing PPC campaigns for appliance repair companies, we have been able to consistently bring our clients the most traffic and phone calls for the lowest possible price in this very competitive niche.

Essentially what we do is bring clients with an IMMEDIATE NEED for an appliance repairman, making your job easier, since by the time they call, they are ready to hire someone right away. All you have to do is close the deal!

Here are some of the ways we stand apart from our competitors:

  • We focus on keywords with commercial intent and weed out generic research terms.
  • We focus on exact match phrases instead of broad match phrases to limit Google’s inappropriate matching.
  • We add thousands of negative keywords to make sure no money is wasted on non-converting clicks.
  • We localize our best-converting keywords with cities and zip codes.
  • We test different wording in ads to ensure our ads have the highest click through rate.
  • We make sure your website is optimized for conversions.

For more information, call now!



What are negative keywords in a Google Adwords campaign?

Negative keywords are probably one of the most important aspects of running a successful Adwords campaign, as well as one of the most widely ignored. What are negative keywords?

Negative keywords are keywords that you DON’T want traffic for. For example, if you sell body building supplements, but don’t sell any products with casein, “casein” could be one of your negative keywords. By including casein, you will eliminate paying for searches such as “casein protein powder” or “casein bars” or anything else including the word “casein.”

Since those search queries would never result in a sale for you, you will save yourself the money you would have paid for those clicks. If your campaign didn’t include negatives, and one of the keywords you were bidding for were “protein powder,” you may end up inadvertently paying for the search query “casein protein powder.” While it is true you sell protein powder, the searcher is looking for casein protein powder, which will result in a non-converting lead and a wasted click.

Both “broad” and “exact match” keywords are allowed for negative campaigns, which is great news for you. The example from earlier (casein) would be appropriate to use for negative broad keywords. An example for an exact match negative would be “blueberry protein bars,” if for instance you didn’t sell blueberry protein bars, but you did sell other blueberry flavored products or other flavors of protein bars.

As you can see, the more extensive your list of negatives, the more precise your campaign becomes, thereby saving you more money, since more of your traffic becomes more directly qualified. If anyone running your campaign isn’t using negative keywords, you can be sure that person is very inexperienced (or ineffective) in running proper pay per click campaigns.


PPC Management

Running and operating a successful Pay Per Click campaign is a delicate process that takes at least several months of experience, as well as constant vigilance. Inexperienced hands can burn through thousands of dollars easily without any kind of significant or useful results.

On the other hand, a campaign being run by experienced hands can produce explosive results for the Adwords client. Why such a vast difference?
Read more


PPC A/B Testing

Today I began to think about the phrase “a/b testing”.  I know that split testing is most commonly used by PPC managers as a selling point for their services.  But in reality you could be a/b testing landing pages, ads, and even duplicate keywords amongst several campaigns.  I wonder how often a client hears that from their managers. Read more


Pay Per Click

We are a Small Business Solution: Specializing $500 – $10,000 Campaigns

SB Search Marketing isn’t your basic internet advertising firm. We specialize small businesses because we are a small business. With us, you’ll never be redirected over to an account manager because your salesman doesn’t know what’s going on with your account. SB Search Marketing’s philosophy is predicated on the notion that there is a direct relationship between our clients performance and our own. We will personally take the time to meet with you, discuss your business objectives, strategies, create a business plan and ultimately help you execute a marketing campaign.

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