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Tips from an Adwords Management Company

Being an Adwords management company, there’s really no way for me to create a button for what every single client could owe us. I needed to find a button that was flexible.

I found this incredible code out there from some of us professionals. Have you ever wished you could tell a customer to pay on your site? The problem is that you don’t have one price…. all checkouts force you to set a price ahead of time, i.e. a drop box that has a series of prices, $29.99, $39.99, $49.99. This looks unprofessional and can create huge billing problems. This is the issue!

What if someone just wanted to pay you half today and half next week? Google checkout has a little known code that will allow the user to name the amount they want to pay. Look at this example on my site.

With this box, I can simply send out a bill to a client and have customers pay online without giving me a card. I’ve also used this for customers that needed a project done immeditately.

To find out more…. go to Google Checkout. If you have any questions, feel free to call and chat with me.

Marty Yaeger – Adwords Guru (800) 481-3795

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