Google My Business- How Experienced is Your PPC Manager?


I’ve recently talked about what it means to be a certified Google Partner and what you should expect from them. In the spirit of helping folks out I’ve now realized the one true way to find out if your Google Manager is experienced:

Ask them what system Google uses for local listings!

Seems silly, and it is. But really…Google has (again) updated what they call their local listing platform.  No longer is it Google Places. No longer is it Google Places for Business. No longer is it Google+ Local. No longer is it Google+ Local for Business. No! Behold, the new name is:

Google My Business

Perhaps this is a bit misleading because the intent of Google My Business is to reduce redundant listings, profiles, etc across all Google apps and instead offer a main “hub” which centers around what was once your business profile in Google+. I suppose, then, its best to say there has been NO CHANGE but for all intents and purposes your manager should now be saying “we need to get you on Google My Business” and dial that in. For most businesses using AdWords or another product the only thing they’ll notice is their Google+ Local page. This is a good thing for everyone to be sure. For example, recently my managed local pages skyrocketed…unfortunately this wasn’t attributed to new exciting clients but rather years of current and old listings on the different platforms.  Imagine my shock when I realized Google somehow managed to create 3 different listings for the same client. Luckily, they’ve cleared up the clutter and redundant listings (with a little help from me) and now everyone has 1 hub area.

I feel comfortable and more confident now in being able to grasp years of activity when I take on a new client.  Hopefully, gone will be the days of having a client clueless about who, where, or what listings and identities they have across Google’s properties. Along with Google allowing more than one MCC link in AdWords managers are able to better manage accounts.  I’m hopeful this will cut out false listings and promote legitimate business as well.

What is exciting and new in Google My Business?


Your business page is now a better hub than ever for featuring your business and brand.  You can create hangouts and feature them much more easily. Interaction with your customers is very important and now just by doing best practice local marketing, you are enabled with some additional tools to help you accomplish your messaging goals.  But, to me, the most exciting additions are may seem gimmicky but, to me, help touch searchers in more meaningful ways:

-Business View: Get a professional Google certified photographer to create compelling 360 degree walkthroughs of your business.

-Indoor Maps: Show your visitors, customers, and clients, where you’re located in a building or the layout of your floor plans.

In Summary the most important part about Google My Business now is that you now have 1 spot to control all your Google properties. Launch into Youtube, AdWords, Maps, Google+, and get integrated insights as well.  The title and intro to this post are snarky…truly the best way to determine veteran managers is to find out if they’re annoyed by all these name changes…but most importantly this update, at least, is substantially helpful.  For MONTHS I’ve had to explain how Google was using separate databases for their local systems and this announcement is a sort of formal acknowledgement that those transitions are finally and wholly completed.

Personally, I am very excited to try out some of the new tools that accompany this announcement.  I’ll keep you posted.

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