Meet South Bay Search Marketing, LLC

South Bay Search Marketing:

At the start of the 2007 recession, Marty had a family member whose business could no longer afford their $7000 per month newspaper ad which was the heart of their small business’ marketing plan. Marty volunteered to build a website and an Adwords account to help them get by. After 2-3 days, Marty had built his very first website and Adwords campaign. Their business prospered off of a modest $400 a month on Google.

Marty bragged to a friend about his small success and his friend recommended he start doing it full time. Marty split ways with his fortune 100 company where his creativity, drive to succeed, and computer skills had been recognized 7 different quarters as one of the tops in the country.

SBSM was born in 2008 and since then we have grown and helped our clients grow through a very challenging economic climate. One client even claims that his business has grown 300% and has recently acquired yet another competitor and he attributes that to our success on his account.

Meet Our Team


Marty J. Yaeger / CEO, Manager

After 8 years and multiple “employee of the year” honors at a fortune 50 company, Marty J. Yaeger decided to teach himself how to code, and so ensued his passion for programming and all techie-like activities. Responsible for establishing a consultative relationship with customers as well as selling and implementing sales promotions and programs, Marty is an over-achieving bossman.

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