Google Enhanced Almost in Effect- What to Look Out For

Google is constantly making updates in Adwords these days; but are these updates really “enhancing” Google Adwords?
“Enhanced” should probably be replaced with a more negatively connoting word, like “Money-hungry”, or “Capitalization”. Although Google’s goal was to simplify the bidding options, they seemed to have made things more complex and difficult. The only thing really “Enhanced” is the price of clicks, which seems to be going up quite significantly across the board.

Yes, Google Enhanced offers more options for Adwords users such as:
– Location Bid Adjustment
– Mobile Preferred Ads
– Custom Display Bids
– Adwords Extensions Customization
– Text Ad Rule Changes
– etc.

Let’s review a couple of these changes and see what the cons and pros are—there are some pros believe it or not!

Sitelinks & Mobile Bidding: You can now control the day, time, and hours you have your sitelinks up and running. However, with such specificity comes complexity: Google Enhanced has made Google Adwords a lot more complicated. Most importantly, bidding options have been changed: users must bid on all devices. Whether you want a presence on all 3 forms of devices, you must bid on them: desktop, tablet, and mobile. Additionally, you cannot target specific types of mobile devices such as just Apple software or just Android software. Somehow Google has allotted for Adwords to become simultaneously more specific and broad.

On the upside, you may, however, bid lower for mobile devices, and higher for desktop, or oppositely, depending on which devices you want and do not want to show up on. An absolute minimum bid cannot ensure disappearance from a specific device, but you will most likely not appear on it. Developing strategies around Google’s constantly changing rules is vital.

Text Ad Changes: ,/b>Text ads are always coming up with new rules and regulations: a big one under Google Enhanced is the disallowing of phone numbers in text ads. The number must be added in the ad extensions tab of Adwords under the “call extensions” section. Gong through all of the ad extensions is vital due to the new text changes. Google Places has become an even greater asset as well!

Display Network: Display Network campaigns must be merged into just one campaign now; you can still, however, target devices within the campaign. Just make sure to separate your display network campaign from your search campaigns!

So what’s the verdict? Is Pay Per Click still worth it?
YES. Yes, of course; Google Adwords is NECESSARY for a prospering business these days. Without an online presence there is no business, or little to none of it! Online marketing is where the customers are- regardless of the industry.

Google is like the big man on campus that you may not like all the time, and you may not always like what he does, but if your on his bad side then life is not so great. What is key is adaptation. Users be aware that budgets will need to be adjusted, but volume will go up; but things are gonna get more competitive and more expensive.

We touched a few of the key changes to look out for, but make sure you familiarize yourself with the changes and act accordingly. Test out the new waters, strategize, and then conquer.

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