How to: Write the Best Adwords Text Ads

You only have 25 headline characters, 70 text characters, and a display URL to make the sell. What to put in the headline? What to put in the description lines and display URL; and then there’s all of Google’s advertising policies you must abide by. *(Check out these rules and regulations for Google’s Adwords text ad policy here.)

What makes you stand out from the competition? Why is your company better than your competitors’? Quality, customer service, and most importantly, price is what makes you better.

Let’s start with the basics of advertising and then get into the specifics of advertising on Google.

  • Go big with the headline.
  • Test things out again and again.
  • Keep it sweet and short.
  • Be specific.
  • Be Unique.
  • Use Pronouns.
  • Focus on the good stuff.
  • Use lots of “expressive” words.
  • Special offers are always for a limited time only.
  • Make a strong guarantee.

Number 1: the headline. 70% of your ad’s efficacy is dependent on your headline. (Makes it a good place to start!—) If you have a monthly promotion or coupon offered; utilize that. An eye-catching line advertising a special price or offer is going to attract more eyes.

Efficiently input your keywords. The keyword your audience searches for should be in the ad. Keep it Simple. If the keyword is “Boston Plumber”, headline the ad, “Boston Plumber”; then advertise a call to action deal in the description lines. Give your audience what they want–what they are looking for. Likelihood is, they won’t look twice at an ad that doesn’t have their keyword in it.

Match up your headline and your destination url. If you are offering a promotion or coupon, have them directed to your coupon page. If you are advertising a local area, lead your audience to a localized page specific to the advertised city. You want to make it as easy and direct as possible for your audience; making your product or service the best and easiest choice.

People don’t want to read a book. Be as concise as possible; get to the point; say it clearly and attractively.

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