Optimize Business This Summer Season

We recently signed an Adwords Campaign client interested in PPC for just the summer. This got me to thinking about how great and even more sensible it is to have month-to-month PPC contracts. Some businesses, like a swim lesson school, is a predominantly summer-focused business, but a business that still needs to optimize it’s time slot for getting as many as customer leads as possible!

Pay Per Click online marketing has become mandatory for businesses today for gaining customer leads. Online presence is critical and Pay Per Click offers immediate online presence that also converts immediately.

If you have a summer campaign or summer oriented business you need to promote; PPC is the way to go. This does not mean to say that SEO (search engine optimization) is any less powerful, or any less valuable than SEM (search engine marketing), just less immediate at producing valuable customer leads.

SEO is organic search; SEM is pay per click— something that happens organically is going to happen a lot less quickly than something you pay for; this is just a fact of our contemporary world. People searching online for what they want and need, as well as what they don’t even know they want or need, is also a fact of our contemporary world. The #1 determinant of traffic to your website comes from people’s online search. People search online all day, whether they need to fix their dishwasher, get their carpet cleaned, or need to learn how to swim.

One statistic I found absolutely fascinating was from Hubspot’s Pinterest: for high commercial keyword search clicks (people looking to buy), 64.6% of the clicks came from Pay per Click results, vs. 35.4% clicks from organic search results. On top of that, 75% of users do not scroll past the first page when searching for something (Hubspot Pinterest “Fun Facts” May 29, 2013). Users are looking more for what matches their search than if they are clicking on a paid ad or not. Or maybe they are just too lazy to even scroll down the page at all! Whatever the reasoning; people are just as likely, if not more likely, to click on a paid-for search result as an organic search result.

So get your PPC campaigns going this summer and see how you can improve last year’s profits! SB Search marketing offers a no contract month-to -month basis for PPC. Boom!

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