Adwords Management

SBSM’s Adwords* management isn’t your basic internet advertising firm. We specialize in small business Pay Per Click Management because we are a small business. With us, you’ll never be redirected to an account manager because your salesman doesn’t know what’s going on with your account. SB Search Marketing’s philosophy is predicated on the notion that there is a direct relationship between our clients’ performance and our own. We will personally take the time to meet with you, discuss your business objectives and strategies, create a business plan, and ultimately help you execute a successful marketing campaign.

  Full Transparency

Your credit card will go on Google, so our margins are 100% clear. You can also get full access to the Google account*.

  No Contracts

Our motto is, if you aren’t making money, then why should we!  If your phones aren’t ringing, then fire us!  Its that simple.

  Localization Is Key

“Not every keyword is created equal” –  We will develop 10k-100k highly relevant keywords and bid for them in order of importance to your goals.



Adwords Management of $500-$100k /mo Campaigns


SBSM’s Localization Tool

Local words can be the difference between staying in business or closing your doors.  Most of our competitors will use 20-100 keywords in your account.  We think that is ridiculous! If I am only bidding on “plumber”, then what am I being matched with?

  • “plumber” jokes
  • website templates for “plumber”
  • classes to become a “plumber”

BUT, if our account is has 40,000+ variations of “plumber in los angeles ca” then we are matched with:

  •  “plumber in los angeles ca”
  • best “plumber in los angeles ca”
  • local “plumber in los angeles ca”

Hence, you keyword matches become more refined and targeted to what you want.

Localization Tool Example - Try It Yourself!

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Localization is the key to Adwords success!

Our proprietary Localization Tool has been one of the keys to our clients’ success. Most PPC management companies only bid for 40-100 keywords while we bid for 5k-100k keywords. Our Localization Tool multiplies all cities, zip codes, and counties by your relevant keywords to build a highly effective account and avoid the competitive words that everyone else is bidding for.

Click-To-Call and Call Bidding

Do you know how much Google charges Motorola, HTC, & Samsung for the Android software? $0, NOTHING, zilch, nada, FREE! Why? Because the future of search and internet of advertising is getting away from desktops and moving over to mobile devices. Is your company managing your mobile campaign more aggressively than your desktop campaign? They should be!

Adwords works! And Google will give you $100 to prove it!

Many people have been burned by large SEM companies that are really good at marketing themselves, but not you! Give us a shot and we’ll give you $100 from Google to build the best performing campaign you’ve ever had. Like we’ve said, if your phone isn’t ringing, fire us!

Become a client today!

   Trust is key in picking an online Marketer

Trust our professionals with all of their PPC management and search marketing needs. Far too many of our clients have been burned by our competitors in the past only to find out that Google Adwords can work if you have the right keywords and account structure.

   Month-To-Month / No Contracts

Begin your new month-to-month campaign based on your needs. Our Pay Per Click pricing is designed to achieve a long-term partnership with your company.

   Who’s Your Most Important Vendor

You don’t call your tax guy, or your insurance guy, or your mayor when your business is slow.  You call us, and we will problem solve the issues as to why your phones aren’t ringing.  WE ARE YOUR MOST IMPORTANT VENDOR!

  • Plan
  • First Month
  • Management Fees
  • Setup Fees
  • eCommerce Sites
  • Manager
* Setup Fees are optional. If a customer elects the free setup option, then “Customer” agrees that the account is fully owned by SB Search Marketing. SB Search Marketing will open a new account and in the event that the agreement is terminated, SB Search Marketing will retain ownership of the account. If a setup fee is paid ahead of time, then the customer can fire us and keep the account, no questions asked.

Do you have Remarketing Campaigns?

Remarketing can be somewhat confusing at first.  But, simply put, is your purchase cycle long or short?  The longer your  purchase cycle, the more important that remarketing becomes. Basically, through your Google Analytics account, we can create an audience of past visitors to your site.   You’ve already paid for them to come to your site, so now what? We have the ability to create audiences based on your industries purchase cycle, i.e. some decisions are made in a week and others can take 1-2 years.

Remarketing At Work

In this example, we found an article about “food as aphrodisiacs”.  This keyword isn’t very useful to any of my clients with one major exception: PAST VISITORS!  This is an inexpensive opportunity to continue to brand yourself to a potential client who may not have made a decision to use your service/product yet.


Examples by Industry

Industry Needed/Waste Purchase Cycle Rationale
Software Sales Needed Weeks/Months/Years Sales can take months/years, due to multiple decisions makers, multiple variations/offerings, and larger complex purchase.
Bankruptcy Lawyer Needed Days/Weeks/Months A midnight search that may not have been bookmarked for the morning phone call. Will they come back to your site?
Restaurant/Bar Occasionally Needed Daily Newsletters aren’t the only one way to spread the word.  How about using videos, flash ads, and image ads to get the word out about your new happy hour or upcoming event?  Through remarketing, you can pulse a message when needed and not just a constant hum.
Plumber Waste Hours Plumbing emergencies are handled within 1-24 hours. Any remarketing would be money taken away from gaining new clients.

Call Tracking

With PPC/Adwords Management and Call Tracking you maximize your ROI. SB Call Tracking allows you to easily monitor all of your advertising. How? We assign you very inexpensive local or toll free phone numbers that you distribute to the different places you want to monitor. What kinds of things can you monitor?

  • Yellowpage Ads i.e. 888-555-1232
  • Newspaper Ads i.e. 310-555-7736
  • TV or Radio commercials i.e. 888-555-5534
  • Does the ad on the Church bulletin work? i.e. 310-555-2563
  • Test two different ads against each other. Does funny or serious work best? No need to guess anymore!

Do I need to run ads with these numbers all the time?

No! Run tests for a week, month or quarter. Think about how many times a salesman has tried to get you to buy the bigger ad? Does it actually work for double the price? Now you can confidently tell him that the smaller ad works just as well!

How about my website? How can I monitor all my different online ad campaigns?

If you are running multiple campaigns on Google, Yahoo, MSN, Craigslist, & Facebook. How do I know which PAY PER CLICK (PPC) program is actually getting calls? It’s really simple! With SB Call Tacking, you can monitor your off-line and online marketing efforts! We will work with your webmaster to install some simple code that will replace your phone number with the alternate tracking number

  • “Visitor A” types in your URL they get your regular phone number. i.e. 310-555-3541
  • “Visitor B” comes from the FREE/ORGANIC Google or Yahoo i.e. 800-555-5342
  • “Visitor C” comes from a PAID Google or Yahoo i.e. 800-555-5364
  • “Visitor D” comes from your blogging efforts on Facebook or Linked-In i.e. 310-555-5536

How beneficial would it be to know that your hard work is paying off in some ways and that you can really save $2000 monthly on non-effective or dying media!

*Terms and conditions may apply, outcomes not guaranteed.

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