Local Search Optimization

Local Search Optimization

PowerListings makes sure your listings are present with the correct information. It automatically adds missing listings, and it updates critical fields like name, address, phone number, and categories across our network. Change your information anytime and it will update everywhere. Add photos, descriptions, promotions, to your listings on each site on our network. Let your customers know about specials, new products, important announcements, changing hours, or anything else. Simply enter the information into your PowerListings account and watch updates occur across the network at blazing fast speeds.

Want More Free Calls?

Have you taken the time to sign up to the 100’s of FREE business directories? It’s a very tedious and painstaking process that can be the secret to your business’s success.

Don’t Lose a Click to Your Competitor.

Local search optimization is becoming more & more important. Through one of our partners, we’ll add you to these services & more! Business Name, Address, Phone Number, Promotions, Hours, Descriptions, and Photos.

iPhone/Android App for Easy Changes

Imagine being able to update all of these services and more within minutes. Hours changed for the week? Phone number is changed for the day? New product or service? We can fix that!















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Set Up Tasks

  • Google, Facebook, and other local listing site verification & optimization
  • Any onsite linking, tagging, etc
  • Action plan of photo/video/media updates

Monthly Tasks

  • Update logos, images, hours, phone numbers and locations as needed.
  • Action plan implementation
  • As needed/requested reporting
  • Updates, review response (if requested), etc


Become a client today!

   Trust is key in picking an online Marketer

Trust our professionals with all of their PPC management and search marketing needs. Far too many of our clients have been burned by our competitors in the past only to find out that Google Adwords can work if you have the right keywords and account structure.

   Month-To-Month / No Contracts

Begin your new month-to-month campaign based on your needs. Our Pay Per Click pricing is designed to achieve a long-term partnership with your company.

   Who’s Your Most Important Vendor

You don’t call your tax guy, or your insurance guy, or your mayor when your business is slow.  You call us, and we will problem solve the issues as to why your phones aren’t ringing.  WE ARE YOUR MOST IMPORTANT VENDOR!

  • Plan
  • First Month
  • Management Fees
  • Setup Fees
  • eCommerce Sites
  • Manager

* Setup Fees are optional. If a customer elects the free setup option, then “Customer” agrees that the account is fully owned by SB Search Marketing. SB Search Marketing will open a new account and in the event that the agreement is terminated, SB Search Marketing will retain ownership of the account. If a setup fee is paid ahead of time, then the customer can fire us and keep the account, no questions asked.

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