YouTube Ad Management

Ever wanted to run a commercial on TV, but didn’t have a spare $20k? With YouTube ads, you can run commercials for as little as $50 a month, right down to your own zip code exclusively. YouTube provides you with a platform to find new customers and to remarket to potential customers who have come to your site.

Example: a potential customer comes to your site through a Google Adwords search click, then he leaves before he can fill out the form because his wife calls and distracts him. Later, his wife sends him a cute little cat video on YouTube and amazingly, your 30 second commercial plays before that cat video! And presto! You have a new customer.


Don’t have a Commercial? No Problem!

The Whiteboard video service strategy isn’t new but its challenging to do on your own. We know that adding text to your site is great for SEO and for those who like to read a lot – but what about the rest of us that like things explained quickly or creatively? Most people are visual learners – and thats where Whiteboard Videos come into play! Explain your product or service in a personalized video.

How it works?

Tell us about your business: are you explaining a service, describing a product, teaching a skill? Once you decide, a script is developed, voiceover is recorded, animation is created and its all put together for a great, creative and dynamic video.

Wait, why tell you, when we can show you!

Here’s an example of some of a simple whiteboard video:

Mr Plant from Martin Yaeger on Vimeo.


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