Is the Yahoo Bing Alliance coming to an end? Yahoo Ad Manager

Have You Heard of Yahoo Ad Manager?

I had heard a very small alert about Yahoo’s changes.  But like most Yahoo changes, I figured I’d take my time researching it, since it’s bound to change again.

Well, my understanding was correct, it turns out the “Alliance” isn’t over, for the most part.  But, like Google Adwords, Yahoo is making sure it’s ready for the impending takeover of mobile traffic.

I logged into Yahoo Ad Manager today and created our first ad!  While Yahoo has a standing contract with Bing, it has elected to move some of it’s paid search traffic to Yahoo Ad Manager.  Namely, mobile content and search.

What does that mean to an advertiser?  We are back to 3 bidding backends and it’s more complicated than before.

  • Adwords – Google, AOL, and more.
  • Bing Ads – Bing and Yahoo Desktop
  • Yahoo Ads Manager – Yahoo Mobile

Step #1: Pick your Campaign Type

Here, you’ll pick between PPC and CPM bidding. Search campaigns are always PPC aka pay per click.


Step #2: Create Your Ad

Create your image and/or text ads. As far as I know, the search ads will not have images in them.


Step #3

Pick your keywords and locations for you ads.


Step #4: Campaign Settings

Cost per click bid.


If you have any questions about Yahoo Ad Manager or Adwords management, please contact us at 310-593-4321

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